How to apply a label


You have several options to apply your personalized labels from Favorite Announcements® to bottles:

  • Place the personalized label directly over the existing bottle label; OR
  • Place the personalized label on the back of the bottle; OR
  • Remove the original label and apply the personalized label (RECOMMENDED).


HOW to REMOVE the Original Label from WINE, CHAMPAGNE, BEER, etc:

  1. FILL a pot, sink, bucket or container with cool or room temperature water.
  2. ADD about 1/4 cup baking soda, and stir until the baking soda dissolves.
  3. SUBMERGE the bottle to the top of the label in the water, and SOAK the bottle 15-20 minutes. The label should slide off the bottle.

If there is any remaining adhesive or paper, carefully scrape off with a sponge or SOS. Goo Gone, available at most hardware stores, also works to remove any remaining adhesive on the bottle.

FOR WATER BOTTLES: We recommend using a bottle with the least amount of ridges to minimize wrinkles on your custom label. REMOVE the original label, which should peel off easily. Brands that work best are Dasani, Aquafina, Sams Choice and Nestle.


HOW to APPLY your Personalized Label to a BOTTLE:

  1. Make sure the bottle and your hands are CLEAN and DRY.
  2. LAY the bottle down on a flat surface so it will not roll. We recommend using your lap and placing the bottle between your knees and thighs to hold the bottle securely. The top of the bottle will be at 12:00.
  3. SLIP a fingernail under the CORNER of the custom label and peel the label off of the paper backing.
  4. PLACE the middle (center) of the label over the bottle.
  5. SMOOTH the rest of the label from the center out towards the edges (sides, top and bottom).
  6. SET aside and work on the next bottle.



Once assembled, enjoy your bottle with your personalized label by Favorite Announcements® (!!! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (916)771-9151 or email


Other Hints and Tips

  • Applying a label to a cold or moist bottle is very difficult. The best option is to apply the labels to a bottle before it is put in ice or in a refrigerator.