Water Bottle Labels

Our wrap-around weatherproof labels are perfect for wrapping around water bottle labels that may be exposed to liquids. The bright white material is designed to repel water and is resistant to scuffs, tears, and smudges. These labels are designed to maintain their image in some of the toughest environments. While normal paper labels may be ruined by exposure to water, these labels can stand up to the ice bucket!

You can choose an existing design or we can create a label for you at no additional charge.
We can adapt any design found on our web site for your special occasion!

All of our labels are bright white and have a 'super gloss' finish. They are self- adhesive (peel and stick) labels that may be put over the existing bottle label. It is easy to determine the size you need. Just measure the existing label on the bottle of beverage you wish to use, and compare it to the ones we have available. Try to use the one that will closely match the existing label but will still cover it completely. With water bottles, you may want to remove the existing label and stick the personalized in its place.