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Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers - Sizes

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Candy Bar Wrapper Sizes


All candy bar wrappers are personally designed to fit your needs and come in two sizes:


Small Wrapper - to fit over a 0.49 oz Hershey'sŪ Kit KatŪ Bar (two chocolate wafer size)

Kit Kat Bar Wrapped Kit Kat Bar
Hershey's® Kit Kat Bar Wrapped Kit Kat Bar

Large Wrapper - to fit over a 1.55 oz Hershey'sŪ Chocolate Bar (regular size candy bar)

Hersheys Candy Bar Hersheys New Wrapper
New Hershey's® Wrapper Wrapped New Wrapper
In 2003, Hershey's® changed their wrappers on the plain chocolate bars (1.55 oz) from a 2-part wrapper with silver foil to a sealed brown wrapper with "crimped ends". On the new Hershey's® wrappers, we recommend taping down the ends and wrapping the personalized wrapper around the chocolate bar. Your personalized favor will show brown ends instead of the old silver foil.  If your chocolate bars have the old "Classic" Hershey's® look with silver foil, please let us know before approving your order so we can make the size adjustment to your personalized wrapper to fit the classic bars.
Foil - To achieve the classic Hershey's® chocolate bar look, you can order gold or silver foil along with your large wrappers.
Classic Hersheys Candy Bar New Wrapper with Optional Foil
Classic Hershey's® Wrapper New Wrapper with Optional Foil
If you desire the Classic Hershey's® look with foil ends, you can purchase our gold or silver foil sheets at just $0.10 per sheet. The foil sheet gives you the "classic Hershey's®" look with silver foil. Gold foil can also be purchased for your special occasion. All foil orders come with easy to follow wrapping instructions and should be purchased to achieve the Classic Hershey's® look.


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